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Introducing Ark Nova: Constructing a Vibrant Contemporary Zoo

Introducing Ark Nova: Constructing a Vibrant Contemporary Zoo

Have you ever had aspirations of being a zookeeper? A location that prioritizes scientific advancement and conservation in addition to entertainment? If so, you should play the board game Ark Nova! In this strategic game, you take on the role of a zoo director, entrusted with creating, maintaining, and expanding a top-notch zoo.

Gameplay Overview

The intricate game Ark Nova requires a lot of strategic decision-making. Here’s a little explanation of how it operates:

  • A hand of five action cards is used by each player in turn. The cards in your hand dictate what you can do, and how well they work depends on where they land.
  • You can get new animals, sponsors, and conservation projects by taking action. Every card has special powers that can improve conservation efforts, scientific repute, and the allure of your zoo.
  • The 255 cards with their diverse characteristics form the core of the game. Sponsors offer financial support and exclusive advantages, while animals have particular needs for their homes. In addition to earning you important victory points, conservation projects support actual conservation efforts.
  • You’ll construct cages for your animals during the game to provide them with the room and surroundings they require to flourish. Since the needs of different animal species vary, proper planning is essential.

Detailed Look at Gameplay Components

The following table provides a more detailed breakdown of the key components of Ark Nova:

Action CardsFive cards dictate your available actions, with their effectiveness depending on their position in your hand.
Animal CardsOver 150 animal cards featuring a variety of species, each with habitat requirements and special abilities.
Sponsor CardsSecure funding and special benefits from various sponsors.
Conservation Project CardsContribute to real-world conservation efforts and earn victory points.
Enclosure TilesBuild enclosures to house your animals, ensuring they meet their habitat needs.
Specialist CardsHire specialists with unique abilities to enhance your zoo’s operations.
Reputation TrackTrack your zoo’s scientific reputation, unlocking bonuses and new actions.
Appeal TrackMeasure your zoo’s visitor appeal, generating income.
Conservation Points TrackEarn points through conservation projects, contributing to victory conditions.

Depth of Strategy and Playability

A deep strategic experience is provided by Ark Nova. You’ll have to give careful thought to which animals you buy, how to set up your zoo, and which conservation initiatives to back. High replayability is ensured by the interchangeable player decks and constantly shifting card pool, with each game presenting a different challenge.

Solo Mode

Not enough players can be found? Not to worry! With Ark Nova’s thoughtfully created solo mode, you may enjoy running a zoo by yourself. The gameplay is kept interesting and new obstacles are presented in the solo mode.

Extending Your Ark

Ark Nova’s base game offers a rich and fulfilling experience. However, there are a few extensions available for people who want even more content. By adding new animals, obstacles, and dynamics, these expansions add variety to your zoo-building experiences.


The amazing board game Ark Nova blends a themed zoo management experience with strategic gameplay. The game has a lot of replay value, a solo option for more adaptability, and a deep set of decision-making options. Whether you’re an experienced strategy player or just a fan of animals, Ark Nova will keep you occupied and challenged for hours on end. So get your buddies together, put on your work gloves, and prepare to construct the world’s most prestigious zoo!