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Guide to Animal Quest

Guide to Animal Quest

This thorough guide will teach you how to finish the Animal Quest.

There’s a new gang in town, or perhaps better phrased, in the forest. A brand-new adventure slot machine named Animal Quest is being introduced by software provider Evoplay Entertainment. It is said that dinosaurs with high technology live in the lost city of Dinotitlan, which is being searched for by our new group of heroes.

A 5-reel, 4-row slot machine with medium to high volatility and several intriguing extra features is called Animal Quest. When paired with stunning graphics, this slot machine could turn out to be the thrilling ride we all need during these trying times.

A straightforward educational game for kids is called Animal Quest (or adults). Once an animal has been chosen, you move around the various maps, catching prey and dodging predators. Additionally, you can get more information about any animal that appears in the game. The game’s complexity varies depending on the animal you select. A good “edutainment” package is completed with decent graphics, but the game is challenging unless you select a massive predator animal.

Participant Survival

The player must survive in the following ecosystems before moving to Savannah, the ocean, the jungle, and the forest. The decision of difficulty comes next, influencing the fauna’s species variety. After you make a direct decision with the animals in charge, we all need to be fed, and practically all hunters must be avoided.

The actual game consists of cell-divided turn-based movement screens. Eating and living will get you back home. Additionally, there is an imbalance that is appropriate for the circumstances: the king of beasts, for instance, plays far more easily than a rodent that can eat a fox, an owl, and a snake. Being little and not harmful is difficult.

Minimal intricacy While showing the game to a youngster is acceptable, Animal Quest does not allow for the recommendation of its adult player. Additionally, if the animals have all previously become apparent, observe two drops of water that resemble dinosaur predators.

Strategy for Games

Cute as a cucumber, this turn-based strategy game sets wolves, foxes, bears, snakes, and other woodland critters against one another in an amazing tile-based landscape that represents an animal, a patch of grass, or some other natural barrier. The final objective is to outwit or outpower the other living things and make your way over. You have to use your talents to either defeat or go past the other creatures since they will try to stop you. Your options are varied depending on the creature you decide to play as, which means your strategy will vary as well. As an example, if you are a fox, you can move more squares in a round since you are faster, but if you are a bear, you can directly attack the majority of the other animals. No matter what animal they want to be, it’s not a stroll. it’s a rock, paper, scissors kind of thing. Heroes is a serious version of the recipe; nonetheless, it is undoubtedly much more complex than this game.

In Animal Quest by Evoplay, search for treasure in the South American jungles. In this slot machine, the prizes are the reason for the high stakes. As you wait for wins to come in, its features and payouts will keep you on the tip of your seat. With substitute wilds, scatter symbols, free spins, and win multipliers to enhance your gaming experience, Animal Quest is a 5-reel, 4-row, and 40-pay line slot machine. So prepare to spin the wheels of this slot machine and unearth the big winnings.

Play and Design

The action takes place in the African rainforests, with eerie, marsh-like background graphics. We have a happy background soundtrack infused with sounds from the jungle and traditional African instruments to create the right atmosphere. 

Our four primary heroes? The turtle, Red Panda, Rhino, and Opossum? are the focal points of the Animal Quest slot machine. Every one of these characters has their appearance and past. For instance, Red Panda is a devoted explorer who is familiar with every crevice and corner of the forest, whereas Turtle is a technological innovator who has developed tools to facilitate treasure hunting. 

The slot machine itself functions quite well, and the caliber of the manufacturing is evident. It does well to compete with the other major software suppliers in this field. 

Payouts and Symbols 

There are nine standard symbols in Animal Quest, divided into two halves. The Mask symbols make up the least valuable portion. There are five distinct masks that each represent a unique multiplier.

The remaining four symbols are located in the Adventurer area, which is home to the heroes we discussed earlier. The turtle is the least valuable of these, followed by the opossum, rhino, and red panda, which pays 20 times for five of a species. 

In addition to this, there are the Big, Scatter, and Wild symbols; however, more on them once we discuss the features. 

Returning our attention to treasures, let’s talk about payouts. Symbols are positioned from left to right to create winning combinations. Moreover, three to five symbols must match, as they usually do. There are 40 chances to win in all on this slot machine. 

Since Animal Quest rarely awards particularly large victories in the main game, the huge jungle money can be earned mostly in the Bonus or Free Games. It is not too difficult to hit the bonus here, and if you do, you can win up to $1055 x$. According to Evoplay, their betting range is 0.10 to 500 EUR. This essentially meets the requirements for even the most demanding rollers. When combined with medium to high volatility, Animal Quest can be a suitable slot machine for a variety of gamers.

Bonus Features: Known as jungle treasures, Animal Quest comes with several bonus features. It is fairly safe to state that the hit frequency is above average after some testing. The majority of the time, receiving a bonus doesn’t take a long time; yet, not all bonuses offer substantial payments. Let’s examine each one of them in further detail. 

The feature for large symbols comes first. This is more of an enhancement to the main game than it is inherently a separate extra feature in the traditional sense. When Big symbols appear in a winning combination, respins are triggered. Large symbols and any other regular symbols of the same kind turn sticky. 

The Free Spins feature is currently the “main” feature, or the Lost City itself. Yes, you read that correctly. this feature does not depend on players landing three scatter symbols. Instead, players must land two scatter symbols and one wild symbol to activate. Unexpectedly, a green gateway opens, transporting us to an odd technological landscape with an enigmatic backdrop. this has to be the Dinotitlan!

Animal Quest’s bonus game begins with ten free spins. The Golden Symbols are the most notable addition to Free Spins. There is no opportunity to find these in the main game as they are feature-exclusive. These are the large symbols that have additional multipliers applied to them, ranging from $2 to $5 x. Symbols replace all other symbols and occupy six spots on the reels.

Animal Quest: Conclusion 

There is some good enjoyment to be had with Animal Quest. The best parts are perhaps the gameplay and design. There’s nothing to complain about here; the game looks excellent and functions well. Now, when it comes to the more specific details, like as the maximum payout and volatility, Animal Quest tends to feel a little bit boring. 

At times, the primary bonus feature seems unimpressive; it doesn’t feel as though you’ve found some amazing forgotten city, and occasionally the bonus feature stops just as it starts. 

Overall though, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages; Evoplay performed a good job on the slot, and the project’s quality and upward direction are both readily apparent.