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Board Game Couture

Board Game Couture

As you launch your career by walking the runways of New York, Paris, and Tokyo, adopt the persona of a fashion model.

In Couture, participants compete in auctions held in Tokyo, Paris, and New York to win cards. Every city has fresh cards up for draft, giving the victorious player first dibs on items like Signature Walks, a personal Glam Squad, and iconic poses, among other things.

Players calculate their final score after the seventh round, with bonus points awarded for magazine cover appearances. The model that scores the highest wins the competition and gains worldwide recognition!

  • The subject is enhanced by the use of illustration and graphic design, making for a rich and engaging experience
  • Fans of auction games will find the clever and distinctive auction mechanism appealing, but even those who aren’t Open to all audiences, couture
  • This game feels like a lot of game in a small box because of its rich strategy and elegant, simple appearance
  • Without the need for guides or manuals, intuitive and consistent iconography makes the experience simple to learn and quickly recall

Several Auctions at Once

As you launch your career, pretend to be a fashion model and walk the runways of New York, Paris, and Tokyo! Being everywhere at once is difficult. Make sensible bids to become a style icon! Alternatively, overextend yourself and become a style disaster!

There are three concurrent auctions every turn. Not all of them can be won. Can you, however, win the correct ones? Participate in competitions to model various fashion trends, each with its unique score system.

There will be new cards available in each of the three cities every turn. Using their influence cards, all players simultaneously make covert offers in each city. The first pick in a given city is awarded to the player with the highest bid. Second-best, second-choice, etc.

A portion of the cards you gather will provide you with points right away. Your hand’s influence cards will be swapped out for others, increasing your ability to bid. Nevertheless, the majority of the cards aid in your competition for magazine covers, which yield significant points at the conclusion of the game (via various majorities and set collection mechanics).

After seven rounds, the model with the highest score wins the competition and gains worldwide recognition!

Style Advice

Time Is Everything

Make a strategic hand plan! There are many of intriguing methods to gain points or increase your bidding power in couture. However, a lot of them are detrimental. Can you discard them before the game is over and use them when necessary?

Avoid Taking Too Much

Determine who has a significant lead under various end-of-game scoring scenarios. To increase your other possibilities, you might wish to “give up” on some of your goals.

How To Play

Set Up The Bids

There are auctions in Tokyo, Paris, and New York for each round.

Place a Bet on Auctions Using Your Cards

To bid, use your cards. Take care when placing your bid in “flop” zones!

Sort Cards According to Bids

Every card in a location is won by the single bidder!

Amount Determined by What You’ve Learned

Did you earn enough money to buy a set of magazines? or earn enough points from the runway shows to emerge victorious?

What’s Within the Box?

Simple elements make up couture, making them ideal canvases for exquisite artwork!

  • Six sets of 24 cards total for the starting bid.
  • 40 Scoring Cards and 23 Additional Bid Cards make up the 63 Auction Cards.
  • Fourteen Travel Cards
  • Ten Covers for Magazines

Discarded Cards

With these cards, you could never catch us.

Cards for Haute Couture

The first-place Haute Couture magazine cover is taken by the majority of couture emblems.