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Mind Space Board Game

Mind Space Board Game

In the contemplative game Mind Space, players attempt to bring themselves to a state of calm by incorporating feelings into their Brain Board.

Every feeling is symbolized by a polyomino form. Each round will feature five of the potential seventeen emotion cards. Five dice rolls will select which colors can be utilized to add those shapes to a Brain Board.

The game is scored after 12 rounds, and points are awarded for finishing brain regions, accomplishing public goal cards, and fulfilling the organizational requirements of each color. Each Brain Board segment with the highest number of empty squares will lose one point for each empty square in that part.

Mind Space accessibility is provided via a spatial puzzle made of distinctive polyomino shapes combined with a limited set of placement constraints, which also maintain tension and require deft decision-making.

A straightforward turn structure makes for a seamless gameplay experience from beginning to end.

Brightly colored markers and dice provide a striking table presence and visually striking endgame outcomes.

Reusability and sustainability are enhanced with dry erase boards and markers, as there are no tearing off sheets or paper pads to worry about.

Where Has Your Thought Been?

A Reflective Polyomino Roll and Write

Inhale…Exhale… Reach peace of mind! In the roll-and-write game Mind Space, players attempt to add activities to their minds in an attempt to find serenity and quiet. Every endeavor is a polyomino form in a certain hue.

  • Purple: Friendship
  • Orange: Hobbies
  • Pink: Romance
  • Blue: Self Improvement
  • Green: Finances

How can anyone manage to fit everything in?

Every round, five polyomino (pursuit) cards are available. To choose the colors of those shapes, you roll five dice. You then need to choose the shape that you want to sketch on your brain board.

You can gain points by connecting various facets of your life along the journey.

Technique Think About Attempting To Get Cash Early

Having money can help you obtain a black square or desired extra shape. This might have a profound impact!

Prioritize achieving your goal ahead of your opponents.

Gaining an advantage by achieving one of the goals first. If you are unable to obtain one at first, you should think about pivoting and choosing shapes that will better fill out your board!

How To Play Mind Space

Roll The Dice!

Life is unpredictable. Roll the beautiful colored dice to assign them to different polyomino cards.

Fill In Your Brain

Choose one of the polyomino activities to enrich your brain board.

Achieve Life Goals

The goals are public–you gain more points for achieving them first!

Score Points

A great mind often has great balance. The different colors have different scoring rules!


The Mind Palace:

  • 5 Dry-Erase Brain Boards
  • 5 Dry-Erase Scoreboards
  • 6 Dry-Erase Markers (black, green, orange, red, purple, blue)
  • 5 Reference Cards
  • 5 Dice (green, orange, red, purple, blue)
  • 17 Pursuit Cards
  • 15 Goal Cards (Deck A, Deck B, Deck C)

Big Brain Dice and Additional Markers

Make Mind Space even more intelligent on your copy. Change up your dice for 19mm (the metric equivalent of large) dice that resemble BRAINS.

You’ll need to do a bit less passing around of the dry-erase markers because the upgrade also includes a second set.

The mechanics

Thus, Mind Space is a roll-and-write game, as we already know. How do we play, and what are the mechanics?

Each participant receives a scoreboard and a brain board at the beginning of the game. Make sure that everyone can see the three goal cards (A, B, and C). Next, arrange the following six Pursuit cards in a row: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6! The sixth card is turned face down, revealing a straightforward two-block shape.

When a player rolls the dice, they are placed on the appropriate points in the Pursuit line; for example, a 1 would go on the first card, a 6 on the last, etc.

Each player may select a shape and draw it in a color that corresponds to a die that represents that shape on their board. To make your selected form fit on your board, you can mirror or rotate it. For this stage, each player may select any combination of the five dice; you are not constrained by what other players select.

After each person has sketched their outline, turn the card with the number five face up and place it in the pile with the number six. Then, move all the cards down one and replace the top card with a new one. Roll the dice, then continue with the game.

Following the first round, you have to place your selected form on the board in contact with another shape; it cannot touch a shape that is the same color.

When the deck runs out after 12 rounds, it’s time to score. For each area of the brain you are able to fully complete, you will receive points.