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Factory Funner Board Game

Factory Funner Board Game


Factory Funner is a fast-paced, entertaining puzzle featuring a quick-draw feature to help you choose the best machinery for your firm. We are Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Pakleds, and in order to run our factory, we require parts. We want everything to run smoothly. It calls itself a “quick-draw puzzle,” but “real-time game” would be a much more accurate description in my opinion.

In Factory Funner, you play as the owner and designer of a factory that produces an unidentified, strangely colored product (?). You must configure your machines to produce this mysterious substance and connect them via the most effective, if not complicated, pipe system in a way that maximizes production efficiency and profits.

The player who can determine which component is best for them and grab it the fastest wins if they have earned the most money after eight rounds. The game is really an abstract puzzle with a vague factory concept applied over it.


A board that represents their factory floor is given to each player. Every board has two sides: an even game for all players on the A side and different difficulty levels on the B sides. In order to receive whatever items are produced, each player also takes three empty vats and a vat of raw materials in each of the four colors.

There can only be one of each hue and three empty vats per player. After positioning a piece symbolizing your factory at the $10 location on the scoring track, select eight arbitrary machines, turn them face down, and press the factory start button to initiate the game.

Next, Arrange The Scoreboard

To begin, each player should place a score piece on the 10 in their color and with their emblem.

Once that’s done, you should begin configuring the machines. Fortunately, everything is kept quite organized by the insert organizer that came with the game: You should see my original copy. Not very good. merely operational. However, some machines ought to be shuffled before being delivered to players, guaranteeing that every player has an eight-tile stack in the end. The machines in the stack they are dealt shouldn’t be looked at.

Put The Pipes Away

If you’re playing in real time, you may also set the First and Last tokens close by; they’ll enter play during Round 2:

Next, deal a starting set of Supply and Output Reservoirs to each player:

It is also possible to position the clear tokens and the Black Output Reservoirs close by:

That ought to be beneficial! You’re all set to go.

Ability to Scale

One to six people can play this game.

Essentially, the solo mode consists of solving the industrial building puzzle using whatever drawing you chance to have. You get to view your score after eight rounds. The higher, the better.

However, the more players there are, the faster you must choose which machine will be most beneficial to your factory and seize it before someone else does. Therefore, the early stages of each game will be more tense (and possibly chaotic) the more participants there are.

Factory Funner Game Length

This game just takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete. The only thing that makes it longer is the time it takes for everyone to determine whether or not they have arranged their pipes in the best possible way. Since there are virtually infinite opportunities for ideal placement, I guess analysis paralysis may make this game last forever, but I believe most players will be satisfied and ready to move on to the next round after a respectable period of time.


Everything that comes with this is made of sturdy, well-made cardboard. The artwork is simple, yet visually appealing and pleasing. However, the inserts are the most noteworthy aspect of the creation! Even though the game is crammed into the box extremely tightly, it fits well thanks to the wooden inserts.

And because of this nearly faultless storage method, all you have to do to have this game ready to play is lay out the inserts and the boards when you take it out! I’ve never seen game inserts this amazing before. This is a tutorial in how video game businesses should make their products. If I knew that every game would be this neatly packaged, arranged, and easy to set up because of its inserts, I would gladly pay an additional $10–$15 for games, any games.

I couldn’t think about Factory Funner without drawing comparisons after we really received this for review at the same time we played Galaxy Trucker for the first time:

Galaxy Trucker is far inferior to Factory Funner. Galaxy Trucker is a simple puzzle game that is constructed as rapidly as possible. It is largely irritating and stupid, but at the end there’s a load of randomness that makes it funny at times. In contrast, Factory Funner is a mind-bending problem where the truly sharpest, fastest, and most efficient mind will most likely prevail.

This will remain on the shelf for those moments when we want to challenge our minds with a short yet really thought-provoking read. We think a lot of non-gamers will really connect with trying to put together the greatest system and appreciate a good puzzle, so we’ll be pulling this out with them as well.

At first, we weren’t sure if we would enjoy the game, but it turns out to be a lot of fun, and we will be using it much more frequently than we had anticipated. For those who like puzzle games and need a quick game that will have you thinking, “Okay, if I put this here, that will produce this, but that will mess up those pipes, can I re-route that to go over here?” we highly recommend this one. At the end of each game, Factory Funner provides you with a genuine, however abstract, sense of achievement. It’s a truly entertaining and short puzzle.