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Pies: A Tasty and Clever Trick-Taking Delight

Pies: A Tasty and Clever Trick-Taking Delight

Greetings to all lovers of strategy games and pie! Get ready to explore the fascinating world of “Pies,” a fun card game that mixes the excitement of ruthless competition with the satisfaction of making delectable desserts (well, maybe not ruthless, but entertaining!).

This article will serve as your one-stop resource for all the most recent information on Pies, including tips and tricks for playing the game and the reasons it could quickly become your new favorite quick and simple game night activity.

What’s Available for Order? An Examination of Pie Ingredients

Pies is a trick-taking card game for three to five players that was created by Allplay. With each round lasting only about 20 minutes, it’s ideal for playing after supper or in between errands. But don’t let Pies’ brief playtime deceive you—they have a lot of strategic depth!

The object of the game is to gather the necessary ingredients to make the tastiest pies possible. There are various point values on the fruit cards in the deck, which include apples, cherries, and blueberries. Additionally, there are Plum cards, which have a unique function in the drafting process.

Making Pies Plays: Baking Up a Strategy

The steps involved in a Pies round are broken down as follows:

Pie Plate Setup: Each player receives a display space that serves as a representation of their pie plate. They will be gathering their delectable ingredients (cards) here.

Deal the Dough: Depending on how many players are participating in the game, deal each participant a certain amount of cards.

Trick-Taking Time: There are six tricks in a round (five tricks in a game with five players). Every trick operates as follows:

  • A player initiates play by laying a fruit card face up on the table
  • The other players take turns dealing face-up cards one by one
  • The first player to choose a card from the deck during the trick adds it to their pie plate
  • This player tosses down the highest-value fruit card
  • Depending on the value of the card they just played, the players after them select a card in decreasing order
  • The turn of events? A Plum card serves as a consolation gift for the final player

Sweet Rewards: Players earn points for finishing pie recipes, or card combinations, on their display once all tricks have been played. After three rounds, the person with the most points wins the game and may finally brag about being the best pie baker!

Developing Your Pie-Making Skills: Success Strategies

Pies is simple at first appearance, but there is an opportunity for cunning. Here are some pointers to help you win the pie-making contest:

Consider Your Options: Don’t always choose to play the highest card. Think about the cards your opponents may be aiming for and the cards you need to finish pie recipes.

The Influence of Plums: Never undervalue the importance of those Plum cards! They have the power to completely alter the game by granting you access to an essential ingredient or preventing a rival player from finishing their pie.

Play the Long Game: To make sure you receive the correct ingredient later in the trick, it can occasionally be wiser to play a lower-value card strategically.

Beyond the Fundamentals: Advanced Methods and Adjustments

Here are some more things to think about for seasoned gamers who want to improve their pie-making abilities:

Card Counting: By keeping track of the cards that have been played, you can make predictions about what could still be in the deck and modify your plan of play accordingly.

Bluffing: You can occasionally divert your opponents’ attention and ruin their plans by drawing a card that looks random.

In the game’s solo mode, you can practice baking pies and strive for high scores. To further give variation to the gameplay, various Pies versions may also come with expansion packs that contain new ingredients and score systems.


The following elements are included in the game as soon as it is released:

There are ninety-three fruit cards in all (twenty-five in each of the three rounds plus eighteen plum cards).

Pie (Pi) Tokens: These can be used to improve your strategy or break ties.

Order tokens for players: Maintain a record of the turn order.

Dog Card: Your pie is protected by the best dog meeple!

Heard Around the Internet: Pies have been highly praised by players:

“The acts make sense. The gameplay is fluid and fast-paced. Try this out if you enjoy designing and pulling practical jokes. – Taylor’s Deceptive Table


Fundamental Game: It is available for pre-order now for $19.00.

Upgrade your pies and player marker with gorgeous wooden pieces for just $10.00 with the Wooden Meeple Upgrade.

So get your baking buddies together, hone your cooking abilities, and start having fruity fun!


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Pies is a pleasant game that gives just the right amount of subtle strategy mixed with lighthearted fun. It’s an excellent option for both experienced players and beginners because it’s simple to learn. The brief playtime guarantees that even with hectic schedules, you can fit in a game night.

Pies is sure to satiate your needs, whether you’re a fruit enthusiast or just appreciate a fast-paced, entertaining card game. So get your loved ones together, heat the friendly competition oven, and get ready to bake up some strategic wins in the mouthwatering realm of pies!