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Bacon Board Game

Bacon Board Game

For four or six players, Bacon is an exhilarating fixed-partnerships climbing game that emphasizes the value of early team exits. Being the first team out and securing the scoring opportunity is the main goal. But the ultimate score is decided by when the other team members leave.

The approach for teams in the lead is obvious: play longer to make the other team leave the field later and increase your chances of scoring. This dynamic makes for fast-paced gameplay where cooperation and timing are essential. Every choice you make is crucial to winning in Bacon’s engrossing mix of strategy and rivalry.

The Applewood version of Bacon, which can accommodate three to six players without partnerships, is introduced in the regulations. Every player tries to exit the game early in order to obtain a good score in this free-for-all. In the absence of teams, each competitor competes on an individual basis, with their score being determined only by their departure position. This dynamic take on the classic game adds excitement and depth to the strategic gameplay.

Enjoy a delightful physics-based challenge with Bacon the Game. Each level requires you to expertly toss delicious pieces of smoky bacon into continually moving cups. Think about whether skill or intelligence is more important for success as you set out on this culinary journey.


As you carefully assess the ideal strength and timing needed for every throw, patience becomes your ally and helps you to complete your task with accuracy and precision. The challenges and complexities of each level increase with difficulty, so it becomes critical to master both skill and strategy. Get ready for an engrossing trip where you will be closer to bacon-flavored victory with each flick of the wrist!

You will be able to guide the bacon to its intended location by using a pan that has been placed strategically on the screen. Even though it looks easy, only the best players will stand a chance to prevail! In just thirty seconds, how many points can you score? Before time runs out, try to beat your own record and get to the top of the leaderboard. Enjoy yourself!

This is one Hot Game!

In order to follow the lead combo’s pattern, players carefully lay down combos such as runs or three-of-a-kind. Alternatively, they can release “specials” like hexes or straight flushes, which are more difficult to put together but provide greater freedom because they don’t have to match previous hands. The gameplay is made more interesting and engaging by this combination of tactical strategy and flexibility, which keeps players interested in achieving victory.

Breakfast Is A Group Activity

The core idea of Bacon is the strategic use of cards. Create powerful specials or combos that make it difficult for your opponents to keep up. But proceed with caution so as not to put your colleague in a challenging situation. Taking control of the game and winning requires striking a balance between aggression and teamwork.

Specials are adaptable and not restricted by the type of lead combo. In order to guarantee that you always have a playable hand, it is prudent to save one for strategic gain. Throughout the game, this strategy keeps you competitive and makes the most of your possibilities.

Skilled players keep a close eye on the cards that have been played and predict which bacon cards will be in their opponents’ hands to plan ahead. Because of their acute awareness, they are able to make precise plans that maximize their chances of victory and give them influence over the game’s direction.

How-To Operate

Select the optimal card combination to play with

Remember to think about your bacon cards!

Bacon is Extreme!

Any card between 1 and the highest rank in the game +1 can be represented by a bacon card.

Drain your hand as quickly as you can

Who’s going to be the most strategic?

Assist your companion in emptying their hand

Take care not to abandon your spouse!

What’s Contained in the Box

Featuring exquisite William Harris artwork.

  • Eighty Cards
  • Dozen Bacon Cards
  • 45 Tokens for Bacon
  • Six Cards for Players’ Assistance
  • 16 tokens for player rank

Tokens with Bacon

Use bacon tokens to keep score.

“Recipe” Cards

Each card features lovely images along with a variety of recipes.

Cards with Bacon

With good reason, these cards are quite significant!

The Player Assistance Board

We would adore visiting this restaurant.