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Embrace Your Competitive Nature: Strategies for Winning the Chomp Board Game

Embrace Your Competitive Nature: Strategies for Winning the Chomp Board Game

For many years, playing board games has been a beloved pastime that unites friends and family for enjoyable times of friendly competition. Chomp is a standout game among many others because of its special combination of strategy and ease of use. We’ll look at how to dominate the Chomp board game and let your competitive side out in this article.


A few minutes are needed to set up. One player selects nine random cards from the deck for each player and returns the rest to the box. This player delivers goal-side-up shuffled cards to each player. They then arrange three goal cards and three dinosaur cards in the center of the table. Finally, they set the eggs and dinosaur tokens nearby.

How to Play

From the start player clockwise, each player will choose and replace one card from the goal or dinosaur rows continue until all cards are chosen.

Get a goal card. Players hold goal cards and close them until scoring at the end of the game. The player replaces the goal card with the top card from the deck.

According to placement guidelines, the player places a dinosaur card in their play area. This player replaces it by turning the goal card above it into the dinosaur row and replacing it with the top card from the deck.

Recognizing the Guidelines

Fundamental Guidelines

Each player takes turns biting a chocolate block from the bottom right corner of a rectangular grid of chocolate at the start of the game. The loser is the one who chews the final square.

Sophisticated Tactics

With increasing experience, players can predict their opponent’s next move and use the game board to their advantage. Controlling the game’s tempo and pressuring your opponent into unfavorable situations are examples of advanced strategy.

Creating a Spirit of Competition

Accepting the Challenge

To succeed at Chomp, one must rise to the challenge it offers. Every game presents an opportunity to hone your strategic thinking and put your capacity for foresight to the test.

Taking Lessons from Failures

Any competitive endeavor will always result in defeat, but in Chomp, setbacks can teach you important lessons. Examine your errors, modify your approach, and win the next game with greater strength.

Methods of Domination

Managing the Gaming Board

Having control of the playing board is essential to winning at Chomp. Chomping chocolate squares strategically can help you restrict your opponent’s options and push them into undesirable positions.

Predicting the Actions of Your Opponent

Competent Chomp players develop the ability to predict and adjust to their opponent’s movements. You can gain the upper hand and push your opponent to make mistakes by remaining one step ahead of them.

Retaining Flexibility and Concentration

Remaining Flexible

It is imperative to be flexible when the competition is fierce. Be ready to modify your plan of action as the game progresses and fresh possibilities arise.

Keeping Your Eyes Open

It’s critical to concentrate on your plan, but it’s also critical to stay alert to what your opponent is doing. By keeping an eye on the wider picture and modifying your strategy as necessary, you can prevent tunnel vision.

Developing Good Sportsmanship

Courtesy Toward Rivals

A true Chomp master needs to be both strategically astute and a sportsman. Respect your opponent and the spirit of friendly rivalry, no matter how the game turns out.

kindly knowledging and Appreciating Successes

When you win, show grace and humility. Thank your rival for their efforts and enjoy the chance to put your abilities to the test in a difficult strategic game.

Final Score

Any herds of dinosaurs that are close to a tar pit become extinct and are identified by tokens.

Meat or smaller herds of herbivores the size of dinosaurs or smaller are consumed by carnivores. Non-eating carnivores become extinct and are identified by tokens.

Herbivores consume nearby vegetation. Similarly designated with tokens, herbivores that go extinct are those that do not consume.

Scoring happens when all cards have been chosen and/or placed by players, and the dinosaurs either become extinct or are fed.

Based on their size, living dinosaurs are scored with one point for little dinosaurs, two points for medium-sized dinosaurs, and three points for huge dinosaurs. Tokens with eggs earn two points. The goal condition of each goal card determines its score. The winner is the one with the highest score.

Individual Mode

Chomp alone is played similarly to multiplayer, to maximize your score through card placement:

  • When playing alone, the game is over when you have twelve cards total—dinosaur and score cards—in your play area. While I don’t play games by myself very frequently, I do like little games like this one.
  • I thought Chomp Solo was better than our multiplayer games. The suspense of other players stealing your desired cards is somewhat diminished when you choose a scoring card because it eliminates the dinosaur card that is underneath it from the game.

This one is great for enjoying quietly at the dining room table with a cup of coffee; I enjoyed playing it that way.

Stephanie’s Views

Allplay has emerged as a publisher to watch over the last few years. We have found some absolute jewels with their tiny box games, many of which are great for the whole family. (Specifically, dandelion and mountain goats.) Chomp’s alluring box cover art and dinosaur theme had us eager to play.

  • Chomp is simple to start up and play, with clear rules. The choices made about card placement and drafting while taking end-game scoring into account are where the complexity lies.
  • The combination of scoring cards and dinosaur balancing provides for an unexpectedly clever game, but the final scoring can be a touch monotonous, as we frequently overlook minor details. In several games, I performed better when I kept my cards low and concentrated only on my herds.
  • The tokens are thick and the cards are of good quality. We appreciate that Allplay ships their games with a dry-erase scorecard and highlighter.

Chomp is easy for younger players to handle because of its basic game structure. However, are you playing it well? Critical thinking abilities are more common in older kids, teenagers, and adults, which is necessary for this. These groups also benefit more from the game’s slower tempo and cerebral style.

Last Words

With a 20-minute play period, this game is perfect for a date night or weeknight, and it’s also terrific played alone. However, we’ll be avoiding it with our 8-year-old. Whether you’re looking for a tiny box game for some alone time or think it would be fun to take some dinosaurs on a date, you can purchase Chomp directly from AllPlay, Amazon, or your neighborhood game store!