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A board game called Guess Who

A board game called Guess Who

This is the original guessing game, Guess Who? This Guess Who? game abandons mobile boards in favor of tabletop versions that are modeled after the original. Every player selects a mystery character, and then they attempt to identify the mystery character of the other player by asking yes/no questions. Players guess when they believe they know who the mystery character of their opponent is. Should the guess be incorrect, the player forfeits the game! In the Championship Series, players can also challenge rivals to a series of games; the first person to win five games wins the title of Guess Who? champion.

Guess Who? is a digital adaptation of the beloved traditional board game! The other player needs to guess who each player’s character is. Select a question from a range of options, and then be honest in your response. You can play Guess Who? online or against a computer.


Includes two Guess Who? game boards, two scorekeepers, 48 face cards, 24 mystery cards, and instructions.

  • Guess the character on your opponent’s card in a race.
  • Make the appropriate inquiries to rule out your suspects.
  • Once you have a guess, flip down the characters.
  • Print extra characters to increase the number of options.
  • Duolingo game for two players!
  • 2 Guess Who? game boards, 48 face cards, 24 mystery cards, 2 scorekeepers, and 1 set of instructions are included in the package.

Board measurements: 16 L by 24 W by 24 H cm

Description of the Guess Who Product

A popular guessing game for kids to play on a tabletop is Guess Who?

Select the blue or red board and a mystery Guess Who? character. Players strive to identify the mystery character of their opponent by asking yes/no questions in turn. Are they sporting a beard? Brown eyes? How about a headgear?

Shut the doors while you eliminate the characters. Once you believe you know who is on the card of your opponent, guess. But take caution you forfeit the game if your guess is incorrect!

In a game called Guess Who?, the first player to win five games is crowned the winner. Players can utilize the scorekeepers to challenge opponents to a series of games. Note that styles can change.

Directly from the Producer

When you think you have the right individual, guess who the mystery person is.

The winner is the first person to identify the concealed character of another participant. Configuration of the Game: One of the 24 mystery cards is placed in the empty frame of each player’s game board once they have taken their 24-face game board. This card stands for the character you have to answer questions about and the character your opponent has to guess.

The iconic version from 1980

Permit your opponent to attempt to question you about the attributes of the player you have selected. Ask just binary questions.

Enhances your ability to make deductions.

When you think you have the right individual, guess who the mystery person is. You win the game if your opponent guesses wrong or if you make the right guess.

How-To Operate

Play alone or online

Decide if you want to play against the machine or online. You will be required to enter a nickname when playing online before you can engage in multiplayer gaming. In either scenario, the objective is to identify your opponent before they do!

Pose astute queries

The game provides you with a list of questions to choose from to reduce the number of potential characters. A well-crafted question will result in fewer faces on the board. To be a shrewd investigator, look at the faces that are available and try to choose the inquiry that will help you narrow the selection down the fastest!

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