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Boardquest: Tales of Liria

Boardquest: Tales of Liria

Greetings, Commander 

You are about to enter a world filled with magic, monsters, powerful heroes, and thrilling combat. Previously praised for its calm, 

Fiendish creatures have besieged Liria. 

You have to decide whether to side with the Demon scourge or aid Humans, Orcs, and Elves in their struggle.

Players assume the character of a hero from one of the many varied factions in the kingdom of Liria in Boardquest Tales of Liria. Because each side has distinct skills, advantages, and disadvantages of its own, players can tailor their playstyle and strategy to fit their tastes. There is a faction for every kind of player, whether they choose to rely on bravery and sheer might as members of the Warrior Brotherhood or prefer to use strong magic as members of the Mage Guild.

Tales of Liria

The game is played on a gorgeously drawn game board that depicts the wide range of Liria’s topography, from verdant forests and majestic mountains to eerie dungeons. Players will face a variety of difficulties and barriers as they advance their heroes over the board, such as creatures to defeat, riddles to work out, and treasures to find.

Boardquest Tales of Liria’s combat is tactical and fast-paced, forcing players to think through their moves and choose wisely to win. The distinct fighting skills and special attacks of each group give the gameplay an additional level of nuance and complexity. To level up their characters and unlock new skills, players must also carefully manage their resources. To do this, they must gather gold, equipment, and experience points.

However, the tale in Boardquest Tales of Liria is what makes it great. Players will discover a deep and engrossing plot that develops through many branching quests and stories as they advance through the game. The decisions the player makes will shape the course of their adventure and determine the destiny of the region, leaving a lasting impression on the world of Liria.

The game Boardquest Tales of Liria encourages innovation, planning, and cooperation. This interesting and entertaining experience offers something for everyone, whether you want to play alone or with companions. So assemble your group, hone your weapons, and get ready to go out on an amazing adventure in Liria’s universe. You hold the power to decide the destiny of this land; are you up for the challenge?

Tales of Liria: The Story of Liria is a tale of a catastrophic mistake in which there is no such thing as good or evil. The people living in the realm have been fighting over the borderlands for hundreds of years, never being able to come to an amicable agreement. Only when a fresh foe appears on Liria do Humans, Orcs, and Elves decide to put the hatchet away for the time being.

The demon horde is that adversary. They, along with a few scary monsters, manage to pass through a magical portal to the demon dimension that is constructed (and then quickly sealed). They take up as much territory as they can after being rejected by the locals to survive.

To combat the invaders, humans, elves, and orcs establish an odd alliance.

For 1-4 people, Boardquest is a massive turn-based strategic role-playing game. As the leader of one of the four iconic factions—Orcs, Humans, Elves, or Demons—you will assemble your army, wield formidable weaponry, vanquish terrifying monsters, learn magical skills, take control of forts, and engage in combat with your adversaries—until one of you emerges triumphant from the battleground.   

available in versions that are in German, Spanish, and English.

Almost here Replayability 

It is possible to play Boardquest endlessly. Each session is different, whether it’s the way the map is set up, the prizes given out, or the units you choose to depict.

Easy to learn, difficult to master 

enjoyable to both newbies and die-hard lovers of the genre. For seasoned players who want to make every move matter, it’s a delight, and for novices, it’s a fulfilling experience. 


You can play Boardquest for hours and set it up in only a few minutes. There are hundreds of possible gaming combinations because, like chess, the game’s complexity is built from mixing numerous basic battle principles.

How to Operate

Tales of Liria

For 1-4 players, Boardquest is a turn-based strategy game with role-playing aspects. It’s an ode to legendary tabletop role-playing games like Das Schwarze Auge and Dungeons & Dragons. In the game, players guide their selected faction to victory by gaining control of the map; the victor takes out all rival heroes or captures the necessary number of forts.

Using both ordinary and uncommon weaponry, you will recruit specialized units to join your army and make use of your character’s particular talents and spells. Your hero will become stronger and acquire more sophisticated skills as the game goes on. Monsters abound in the country of Liria; some are quite simple, while others are extremely complex, and upon defeating them, they drop treasure, gold, and experience points. As they get ready for the last showdown with their rivals for Liria’s reign, the players will battle the monsters and advance in level…

A thrill to find out more? Check out the Storybook and the Rulebook, or try out the Steam trial! Additionally, Boardquest is offered as a Freeplay TTS Mod and Scripted PVP Mod on Tabletop Simulator. The best way to examine the game elements is via the Freeplay Mod. All game modes (for one to four players) are supported. The Scri[ted TTS mode is intended for single-player games. incorporates automated events to deliver a more efficient TTS experience.