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Kingdomino- Big Quantity

Kingdomino- Big Quantity

You are a lord in Kingdomino, looking for new territories to conquer and enlarge your realm. To locate the best plots and compete with other lords to obtain them first, you must explore every area of the game, including wheat fields, lakes, and mountains.

Similar to Dominoes, the game employs tiles with two sections. Each player will choose a new domino to add to their current kingdom each turn, making sure that at least one of its sides connects to a corresponding type of already-in-play terrain. The tile that was previously selected determines who gets to pick first in the following round; better tiles force players to pick later. When every player completes (or fails to complete) a 5×5 grid, the game is over. Points are awarded based on the number of linked tiles and valued crown symbols.

Do you want to play Kingdomino but worry that it’s too tiny? Because the pieces in this enormous version are larger, the kingdom is very enormous. Every meeple stands two inches tall.

Build the wealthiest kingdom possible for your people by attaching domino land tiles to your castle. Choose the best tiles to construct your 5×5 grid by competing. Your score increases with the number of tiles you can link.

The 2017 Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) was won by this particular game. For 2-4 players, the minimum age is 8 years. Bring this winner of an award inside your castle!

Can you use the power from the crowns this enormous version holds? Using domino-shaped tiles, players construct their kingdom in Kingdomino, featuring a variety of terrains. An ingenious open drafting mechanism is used in this tile placement family strategy game to choose dominos. After the game, points are awarded according to the size of connected, matching terrains multiplied by the number of crowns they have. Played in its larger version, this multi-award winning game is much more engaging and will look great on a table during game night, a festival, or any other special occasion!

This puzzle-based tile-placing game, Kingdomino: Giant Version, features larger tiles now! Large edition, limited edition version of the Spiel des Jahres Victor.

The wooden King Meeples in Giant Kingdomino is 2″ tall, the Castles are slightly over 3″ high, and each domino in the game measures 3.12″ x 6.25″! By way of reference, the original Kingdomino’s dominoes measure roughly 1.5″ by 3.25″, the Castles have a height of 1.5″, and the King Meeples have a height of 1″.

Become the ruler of your realm!

Make the most magnificent realm you can by strategically placing your dominoes, but be cautious—other kings are vying for these productive territories to gain the most prestige points. An imposing take on a well-known classic.

The thick cardboard dominoes have two landscape tiles on either end. Your objective is to connect landscape tiles in an orthogonal pattern to get as many points as possible. You receive points for each kind of landscape based on the product of the number of connected tiles and the number of crowns in that area (num tiles X num crowns).

Playing Games

Depending on the number of participants, you will pull and arrange a certain number of tiles in ascending order at the start of each game. Because they frequently have more crowns on them, the more expensive dominoes are generally more precious. But the person who selected the domino with the lowest value gets to pick first from the subsequent set of options.

Dominoes must be arranged so that at least one landscape tile meets a corresponding tile. You can’t have a kingdom that is larger than a 5×5 grid. Anything can be put next to your starting tile, which holds your castle and is wild.


  • 2-4 Players; Ages 8+; 15 minutes of gaming
  • Consists of four start tiles
  • Four castles
  • 48 dominoes


  • 8 players (2 in each of the 4 player colors)
  • Guidelines

Enlarged version

VERY LIMITED EDITION! Kingdino, the Spiel des Jahres winner, is a gigantic size Each wooden king meeple is two inches tall, and each domino measures 3.12 by 6.25 inches.

As you add a new domino to your kingdom each round, make sure that at least one of its sides connects to a corresponding sort of already-in-play terrain.

The innovative way that the tiles are obtained in the game is that the sequence in which players pick first relies on which tile was selected first. At the end of the game, the value of your kingdom will increase if you have secured the crown-shaped tiles!

When every player has finished a 5×5 grid, the game is over, and points are calculated depending on the quantity of crowns and connecting tiles.