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Check Out the All Rolled Up Folding Dice Tray

Check Out the All Rolled Up Folding Dice Tray

After buying my first complete set of metal dice from DnDice, In this article, I realized I needed a dice tray to roll them in. There are many styles on the market. Since I love the All Rolled Up gaming organizer, I bought one of their neoprene folding dice trays.

Plastic snaps are utilized to form and fold the tray, making it high-quality like the ARU. The tray fits neatly in the ARU when folded flat, easing packing and keeping my gaming gear together. If you choose, All Rolled Up’s relationship with Patriot Games lets you buy a custom dice tray with an image of your choice.

The Neoprene tray’s depth is its sole drawback; it’s lighter than a felt-lined tray for flexibility and portability. I knew this when I bought the tray, but if I ever got heavier metal dice, I would need a stronger tray.

Publisher Blurb

Elegant dice trays that snap into shape instantly are ideal for dampening the sound of fistfuls of dice. Neoprene makes these tiny, folding dice trays robust. They make great gifts for gamers with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay artwork. A fantastic addition to any game table, the basic ingenious design holds even the most chaotic rolls. Each Rolled Up dice tray folds neatly when not in use.

Your All Rolled Up dice tray is constructed of custom-printed neoprene that should be colorfast after washing. When spilled or filthy, hand wash them in warm/cool plain or soapy water and hang them to dry. Bring out spilled coffee.

All Rolled Up Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay dice trays have three styles. “Red Skull” was designed by Scott Purdy and Paul Bourne.

Get What

Eur 13,99 or equivalent buys the WFRP All Rolled Up Dice Tray ‘Red Skull’, one of three specialist dice trays for the latest Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay edition.


A 20,5 x 20,5 x 0,4 cm neoprene square tray with rounded corners. Two All Rolled Up line logo buttons are close to each corner. Unbuttoned, the device resembles a mouse pad; only the buttons reveal its function. Clipping the buttons creates a 16,5 x 16,5 cm tray with a depth of just over 3,5 cm. The tray maintains the dice in position and absorbs most of the sound of a die roll on a wooden or plastic table.

Unclip the Buttons and Store the Tray Like a Sheet of Cloth When Not in Use

Page 1 of the WFRP Rulebook has the design across its entirety. It shows a red-and-black monster skull. An eye looks to be peering from a skull socket. A circular shield with thorns holds the design. Cubicle 7, the All Rolled up line, and the Official Licenced Warhammer Product emblems are on one side and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is on the other.

The Strengths

The two strongest colors in the spectrum. Make a logo-like image that is violent, menacing, and easy to understand despite being far more complicated.

Rank WARHAMMER higher. Bang, instant success! The design is striking and direct. Due to its Warhammer symbolism, this dice tray will stand out from the rest. If aesthetics are your priority, get this.

The polish is flawless, and the materials are thicker than other trays. The tray is wider and deeper than others of its size. It can handle one to twenty standard-sized dice at once.

Congratulations, as WFRP now works, you will never need to roll as many dice! Your new tray works in non-WFRP pool games. Their fictional or Warhammer family status is another matter.

Neoprene tray sound insulation is good. Only rolling on a carpet, dice towers with felt insulation or thick felt tablecloth would be stronger. Games can continue while others sleep—who am I kidding? This is WFRP. You probably shouted first.

Weak Points

The Red Skull is one of the most costly neoprene dice trays at EUR 13,99. It’s better than non-branded ones. That Warhammer logo on the tray is expensive.

The red and black theme is great, but rolling black and red dice or anything similar to that, like lava designs, is awful. No matter your dice—standard, speckled, ornate, or branded.

The tray eats anything red and black, leaving you wondering where your dice fell. It follows that every color except red and black stands out like a fly in milk. Orange/blue, white/green, and yellow/purple combinations glow brightly on this tray even in low light.

Since the box shows a crease down the middle of the tray, I was unhappy when it was sold folded. The line is called All Rolled Up; would it have been that hard to sell the tray rolled up (d’oh!) so it doesn’t have any wrinkles before use? One week after owning the tray, the solitary fold remains. I hope it goes away, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Review of the Neoprene Dice Tray: An Original Idea with Possible Cons

In case the design wasn’t evident, it’s a large red skull on a shield with Warhammer-inspired iconography and the logo on the side.

This may deter theme-conscious players who play outside WFRP. Branded products always fit the lines they sponsor, but they can distract you if you play anything else.

Overall, neoprene dice trays are standard-sized, though this one is one click bigger and deeper. They will keep your dice in position, but you must help roll.

If you toss the dice as hard as you would in a cardboard box, they will leave the tray and you will chase them. Trick-shot cheating is not allowed. Roll dice carefully on tray sides. The tray’s inherent curve will offer an easy random result.


The Red Skull is an exquisite dice tray and the boldest option available for those seeking Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay dice accessories. Roll your dice creatively, ideally without red or black spaces, and defend the Empire’s honor!