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Clank: A Deck-Building Adventure Game of 2016

Clank: A Deck-Building Adventure Game of 2016

In the board game Clank, you build decks and burglarize your way to adventure! Steal priceless relics by breaking into the mountain lair of an enraged dragon. Explore further to uncover more priceless loot. Get cards for your deck and see how your thieving skills develop.

Move quickly and silently. CLANK! with one misplaced step! The dragon becomes more enraged with each thoughtless sound that attracts its notice and each artefact that is taken. If you escape the depths unscathed, then you can feast on your loot!

Clank is a game where you design decks. Playing the game involves building up your deck, which is unique to each player. You hold five cards at the beginning of each round, which you can play in any sequence you like. The majority of cards will produce three different types of resources:

  • Talent, which you can use to add more cards to your deck.
  • Boots are used to travel around the board, while swords are used to battle the monsters that inhabit the dungeon.

You place a new card, face up, in your discard pile each time you get one. You shuffle your discard pile and turn it face down to create a fresh deck every time you need to draw a card and discover that it’s empty. Your newest cards join a larger, better deck with every shuffle! The cards in each player’s deck are the same at first, but as they take turns, they will draw new cards. As the game progresses, each player’s deck (and strategy) will differ more and more from the others due to the wide range of actions that cards can do.

Game Objectives

  • Get an artefact token and head back outside the dungeon to where you started in order to elude the dragon.
  • Beat your rivals and become the Realm’s greatest thief by gathering enough points with your Artefact and other goodies!

How to Play Game?

In Clank!, users enter a dungeon covertly to pilfer valuables. Sadly, there are risks associated with this journey. They run the risk of attracting the dragon’s attention and inciting his wrath if they make any noise while inside the dungeon, symbolized by clank cubes. To put it briefly, your goal is to enter the dungeon, take as much loot as you can, and then flee before a dragon attack claims you. 

Clank! is a deck-building adventure, as the name suggests. Each player has ten cards when the game begins. Eight of them provide you with useful supplies, but two make you stumble and produce noise, which adds to the clank and might enrage the dragon.

You pull five cards from your deck during your turn. Three resources are typically found on cards: boots (for moving about the dungeon), swords (for fighting monsters), and skill (for purchasing goods). The inscription on the card indicates what other non-resource powers some cards have. As an illustration, some pay you coins, some let you draw more cards, etc. 

You can use the resources after you’ve drawn your cards. You can perform each of the multiple options in any sequence and several times.

Skill cards can be purchased from a face-up row of six cards, known as the Dungeon Row. You construct your deck in this manner, adding cards to your discard pile as you go. Dungeon Row cards do not reload until the conclusion of your subsequent turn.

You can battle any monster found in Dungeon Row. A monster card normally disappears from the game after defeating it; it does not go into your discard pile. Instead, you receive a special one-time bonus. 

Standard cards are available for purchase, distinct from those found in Dungeon Row.  Mercenary Cards have two attacks and one skill. Explore Cards come with one boot and two skills.  Although they don’t provide you with any resources, secret tomes are nevertheless worth a fair amount of victory points. Additionally, you can assault the Goblin for one coin if you still have any sword resources. 

You are able to engage with the gaming board. A few locations are “market” areas where you can purchase items like locks, which allow you to pass through padlock areas on the game board, crowns (worth victory points), and backpacks, which allow you to carry an additional artefact.  You can get resources like coins or hearts from other areas. 

The dungeon is open for you to explore. In general, each boot allows you to advance one place; however, certain spaces demand two movements, and you must pause when entering crystal caverns. You’ll also need to take damage or use swords in order to navigate through monster spaces. 

Final Thoughts

My experiences with Clank have been really enjoyable, and I can understand why it has been so well-liked recently. Clank is a press-your-luck board game with a unique concept that deftly incorporates the deck-building mechanic. Clank is a game that combines the press-your-luck aspect of Deep Sea Adventure with the deck-building of Dominion, and because I enjoy both of those games, it makes sense.