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Last Light Board Game and Gameplay Pros & Cons

Last Light Board Game and Gameplay Pros & Cons

In the fast-paced 4x game Last Light, players of asymmetrical alien factions simultaneously gather light just before the universe’s heat death on a revolving board featuring 3D planets.
Every turn, players choose an action card, and then all players act at once to explore planets, mine for resources, develop new technologies, and command fleets as they race to the center of a revolving board to find the last known white dwarf star to gather light necessary for their civilization to survive.
The player who gathers 20 light the earliest will have the advantage over their opponents, claim the last remaining light in the cosmos, and win!

What distinguishes the second edition of Last Light of the campaign from the first?

It is still the same fantastic game with an updated rulebook based on player input, in addition to the availability of brand-new alien factions and an upgrade kit to upgrade retail versions of Last Light to a Deluxe Edition. Additionally, everyone will get a chance to purchase any add-ons they might have overlooked during the initial campaign.

Gameplay Pros – Refresh Puzzling!

• Playing refresh early exposes you to danger

• You can’t play again until everyone else has played, you’ll have to wait a while;

• If you hold onto refresh and are the last player to play, you get to select when the center cards cool.
Playing command last is the best way to avoid being hit by opponents.

• Hands are not static because there are abilities to get back cards from discard.

• Great interaction in keeping track of what others have played.

• Nice to be able to time when the round ends if you have ships in the middle of the map for free VP!

• Great interaction in keeping track of what others have played.

• Move and attack someone before they attack you.

• Research something to buff ships before they are attacked.

Gameplay Pros – It’s all fast!

Selecting a card concurrently and flipping it quickly is still possible.

Several cards don’t conflict with one another, making it possible to resolve at the same time.

Component Cons — Poor Quality & Confusing

The planet insertions are not very precisely cut out for objects that are erected in the air. They frequently fall off during setup and takedown. The eight-player planet insert has too much dead space. The action and exploration cards are of poor quality after three IRL plays. The exploration aid should have included more information on combat, rounds, and other aspects.

The “Wild” resource giver exploration token is much larger than normal ones. It is unusable because it is meant to be secret. It is difficult to determine the exact rarity of the token when flipped faceup. It is annoying to set up or take down consecutive games. The wording of “taking action card back into your hand” is unclear because some people will say “Take any action card except for refresh.”