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Cards Against Starwars: The Best Game In The Galaxy

Cards Against Starwars: The Best Game In The Galaxy

The Cards Against Humanity card game has a StarWars theme, and it’s called Cards Against Star Wars. It’s the greatest game solely for fans of the multi-genre series who appreciate a good laugh!

How Do You Deal with StarWars in a Card Game?

You ask, we clarify! Don’t worry if you’re having trouble recalling the CAH rules—we’re here to help! The rules for this StarWars version of Cards Against Humanity are the same whether you are already familiar with the game. Of course, the theme is the sole distinction!

To begin, just deal 10 white cards to each player, then select a Card Czar. Every player responds with a white card while the Card Czar reads aloud a black card. The game judge then selects their favorite response after considering all of the submissions. Whoever has the most points wins! That player receives a fantastic point!

After you buy the game, please be sure you follow our printing instructions to create the ideal deck of cards!

Examples of Cards Against StarWars

You can already picture the possibilities when you combine Cards Against Humanity and StarWars!

We’ll provide you some actual instances of the contents of the cards so you can become acquainted with the language and content of Cards Against StarWars. This will let you select your intergalactic gaming companions ahead of time, and if you believe that your buddies won’t be a good fit for the game, you should ask them to stay away.

Black Cards:

Oh my goodness, allow _____ to pass through you.

Jedi 101: How to Be a Jedi

White Cards:

Squelchy sex with Jabba; an X-Wing pilot in a metal bikini

• Darth Maul’s eyes in bed

• Making a forceful gesture at someone.

• Expressing to your friends, “I’m feeling uneasy about this.”

• Saying “Laugh it up, fuzzball!” to any hairy extraterrestrial

• Treating Yoda as if he were a puppet.

• Using an Ewok to wipe your behind.

• Making use of the pickup phrase “Sith on My Face.”

• Experiencing a Vibromop orgasm for cleaning.

This is what’s going to provide you with the most outrageous card-game party around, an enjoyable evening of playfulness. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the greatest game in the galaxy if it were a galaxy far, far away, would you? You wouldn’t, of course!

How are cards against Star Wars played?

Are you curious about the rules for using the Cards Against StarWars? Rest assured, we’ll take care of that!

We need to make certain arrangements before we begin the gaming procedure!

As previously said, only adults should play this game.

So, if you’re at least 17 years old, feel free to indulge in this entertaining game at your friend’s party or at home with your older siblings, who will find the dark comedy in it amusing.

Can we now begin learning how to play the game?

There is nothing new to learn about the Cards Against Humanity gaming system if you have played previously.

With a distinct theme, Cards Against Star Wars follows the same set of play rules as the original Cards Against Humanity game.

Based on the Star Wars fantasy film concept, Cards Against Star Wars features a dark humor style infused with crude and inappropriate humor.

The game lasts 30 to 90 minutes and can be played by four to twenty participants.

At the start of the game, one person deals out the cards to the other players.

The black cards include a question mark or a fill-in-the-blank type statement, while the white cards have a name, a brief message, a single word, or an arbitrary list of items.

Reading aloud from the top card in the pile is the first player’s turn.

Next, using the black card to read one of their white cards, each player selects a card.

Every participant casts a vote for the letter combination they like most, and the winner keeps the black card.

If there are any black cards in the pile, the game is ended.

Where can I purchase Star Wars Cards?

The greatest game in the galaxy is Cards Against StarWars! You wouldn’t want to miss out on hours of good times and dark comedy with your pals, I wager!

By purchasing Cards Against StarWars in game box form from our online store, you may take part in the greatest game in the galaxy.

The cost of the Cards Against Star Wars box game is $49. We provide free shipping to all countries and quick delivery in 5–10 working days.

Relive your childhood with your all-time favorite science fiction Star Wars film.

Invest in the wildest game ever, loaded with dark humor and funny material, Cards Against Star Wars, and enjoy hours of laughter and enjoyment!